Leaders who lack skill are doomed to fail

That is what Gareth Jones and Rob Goffee used to ask groups of executives. “Without fail, the response is a sudden, stunned hush. All you can hear are knees knocking,” they wrote in Harvard Business Review in 2000, in the article that spawned their bestseller Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? KPMG’s Michael quit last week … Read more

In a challenging job market hard skill are not enough to land a good position.

Still, hard skills are very much in demand. “You need to learn about AI (artificial intelligence), and cloud computing, these are the ones that employers want to have but those hard skills are going to change all the time. “Staying current is important, but you always have to have  soft skills too.” For workers armed … Read more

The concept of Search & Selection

Professional Head-hunters  Used for senior management and Board level roles, businesses are turning to executive search to fulfil key roles in areas such as sales, technical or specialist positions. Companies are able to attract candidates with specific requirements, who can deliver the largest positive impact on their organisation.  Businesses realise that putting talent acquisition at … Read more

Trends that shape the workplace in 2021

In the summer of 2020, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson prophesised a return to normality ‘in time for Christmas’. Employers, he said, should encourage people to get back to work by August, assuming the creation of COVID-secure workplaces. Fast forward a few months into Christmas, and we’re up against a fresh slew of lockdowns around … Read more


So, it got done. Brexit was consummated at the start of the year, with Britain leaving not just the EU (that happened in January 2020) but also the EU’s customs union, its single market, a number of other areas of co-operation, and most of the legal obligations and entitlements that went with them. (There are … Read more

Women are turning away from MBAs

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, business school applications are booming. MBA providers have been grappling with record numbers and increasing class sizes to accommodate a rush of executives seeking to improve their management credentials. However, the gender divide persists. Demand among men for MBA places has been much stronger than among women, raising concerns that years … Read more

Management must Understand the new Dynamics of Business as the Result of the Virus

“I spend a lot of my time looking at all those spinning plates out there,” Sean Menke, chief executive of Sabre, The flight booking and hotel reservations technology company, whose prospects are tied to the unpredictable fate of the travel industry. “You’re trying to do a forward calculation of what airline capacity is going to … Read more