The concept of Search & Selection

Professional Head-hunters 

Used for senior management and Board level roles, businesses are turning to executive search to fulfil key roles in areas such as sales, technical or specialist positions.

Companies are able to attract candidates with specific requirements, who can deliver the largest positive impact on their organisation.  Businesses realise that putting talent acquisition at the forefront of their strategy will help them maximise their opportunities for growth.

The absolute best candidates are often reluctant to move; these high achievers simply aren’t accessible by traditional recruitment methods. Headhunting is all about identifying and targeting these high achievers then attracting them to your business.

We have successfully completed executive search assignments in all disciplines including sales, marketing, technical, operations, finance, and main board across a diverse range of industry sectors, over twenty-five years for clients in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Delivering Positive Results

Executive Head-hunters are helping more and more businesses, by identifying and attracting exceptional talent, real high achievers who will make a difference to the organisation.

We provide our clients with the most innovative executive search and selection methodologies, industry expertise and networking capabilities. Our services provide competitive advantage to clients through executive recruitment and high value human resource consultancy.

Executive Search service that Works for You

Our Executive Head-hunters are experts in identifying rare candidates.  With state-of-the-art techniques combined with their experience and the knowledge of the industry and the marketplace, they will deliver the best possible solution to your recruitment needs.
Employing an innovative nine stage executive search process on every assignment we deliver results!

This process is the same whether we are headhunting for a Finance Director for a Large Corporate or a Managing Director for an SME…

Clients retain our executive search and selection services when they are looking to achieve positive change and growth.

We build long term client relationships through our ability to find the right candidates, with the right skills and attitude at the right time, but it doesn’t end there.

Our specialist services in supporting the leadership within organisations realise corporate success, change, ongoing management development and continuous professional development makes Falcon Hunters an ideal partner.

You are invited to share with us, details of the position that you would like executive search for. This is without obligation and we will send you a quotation and our Terms and Conditions of Engagement before we commence the assignment. The Information that you will provide/share with us is in total confidence.

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