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Falcon Hunters International – Identifying and attracting high achievers for you.

Falcon Hunters International is an executive search consultant & headhunter, that partners with leading businesses and organisations to assess and acquire top executive leadership talent to drive breakthrough performance and Achieve Corporate goals and objectives.

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Why Us?

For 32 years, our Executive Search team has successfully helped companies find exceptional leadership talent. As a leading recruiter, we have worked with businesses of all sizes and at all stages of their evolution. As a leading global headhunter, Falcon Hunters International, is your ideal partner for seeking leadership talent for corporate growth.

Board and Senior Executive positions need a focused, proactive, and targeted approach. Especially if the role is time/business-critical or a technical position.  

Do you want to ensure growth and long-term, competitive advantage? Our retained, Executive Search solutions will help you achieve your goals.

Our Executive Search team has sourced and placed leaders across a wide spectrum of functions and industry sectors.

We have sourced high-performing expatriates and in-country talent for our clients.  Our global executive recruiters expertise spans several continents.

Our knowledge and experience, honed over 32 years, enables our Executive Search team, to understand our clients’ specific requirements. There by ensuring that our Executive Search process uncovers the best people to deliver our clients’ goals.

Our highly experienced research search consultant team has access to the leading global business and market intelligence data, candidate databases and social media networks. Combined with a psychometric test, competency based interview, the headhunters can highly supply qualified candidates, with the right attitude.

Thorough research of the role, sector, market, and geography combined with a comprehensive briefing helps us to develop a tailored and ultimately successful executive search strategy.

As part of our interview technique, we do use competency based interview questions, this enables us to identify people with the most relevant competency that is required for the position.

This approach to Executive Search ensures that we will target individuals both active and passive, in relevant companies, to assess their suitability and match for a role.

When we have to remove people from the organisation, we can offer an outplacement service for the individuals that have to be removed for whatever reason. This ensures that the individual is not thrown out to join the unemployed and it also ensures that the individual does not join your competitors. For senior management positions in our opinion an outplacement service is a must.


Quality and Professional Service

Our ethos is to provide a quality and professional service. Our specialist knowledge and experience gives us access to the best global talent networks across a range of industries and sectors.

Delivering Results

By providing you with a dedicated   account director your search, you will be supported throughout the process and provided help and guidance where needed. Candidates are personally screened by our consultants against biographical, technical, and competency-based criteria.

We provide database searches, advertised selection and headhunt/executive search or a combined approach tailored to your specific requirements and timescales. Our fees reflect the input and expertise of our qualified, experienced and the complexity of each assignment.

We adhere to a strict code of conduct, ensuring that we operate ethically in a socially responsible manner, offering objectivity, honesty and absolute confidentiality to both candidates and clients alike.

To explore how Falcon Hunters International can support you with your executive recruitment and talent management strategy please

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’People that are growing always contribute significantly higher level’

Executive Outplacement

Falcon Hunters International enables executives faced with career transition to secure the right opportunity – quickly and effectively. Each and every element of our bespoke programme has been specifically developed to meet the varied needs of the most senior executives, ensuring that opportunities are maximised for success within today’s dynamic employment landscape.

Executive Outplacement Excellence

We understand that every career is unique, particularly at a senior level. Skills, experience, and expertise – as well as plans and goals for next steps – mean that requirements are completely individual – no two executives are the same.  That is why our programme is tailored and developed around specific needs and requirements. A carefully matched Lead Executive Coach will draw on tools, resources, and methodologies – as well as highly experienced subject matter experts – to fully support the achievement of goals.

Career transition is a time of reflection – and often a change of direction. Whatever the required next steps,    we have the skills and expertise to provide the right level of support.

Psychometric Test

A wrong recruitment can cost your business around 600% of the employee’s annual salary.  The lost income through poor performance, training, travel costs and more. In fact, many businesses have found themselves financially crippled by an unexpected hiring error.

Employing the right person in the right position in today’s competitive environment is so important the organisation really cannot afford to make a mistake. The right resources, at the right time, at right place is why psychometric test is so important.

Our goal is to help you identify the right person, with the right attitude, skill sets and the right commitment for the job by using a variety of advanced psychometric test    The assessments look at the candidate’s skills, talents and expertise, their previous successes, their psychological outlook and to discover whether they are right for the role.

No more wasted time on an executive who cannot do the job. Our executive assessments ensure you select the right person for the role from an objective, impartial, independent perspective.

Understand your workforce

Understanding the psychology of your executives can be the difference between success and failure. Our assessments will give you the information you need to better work with and manage your employees, leading to higher profits and a happier, more engaged workforce.

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